Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday Part 1 the Dull Bit

Took the car in for an MOT on Friday, so spent a couple of hours wandering round Letchworth. Not much of interest on Norton Common, unlike some years. Found a small tit flock and a few Migrant hawkers.
Only interesting thing was the Grey Wagtail feeding in the road in front of the Broadway Hotel.
Saturday rain was forecast, though as it turned out it remained dry after a brief shower during breakfast. Went down to Amwell for a few hours and got rather warm wearing my wet weather gear.
Geese numbers increasing, lots of moulting Greylag and Canada Geese and there seems to be larger numbers of Mute Swans too. Ducks numbers about the same as they have been for a while, though Shovellers are starting to arrive. Still a few lingering Common Terns. Apart from the ever present Lapwing, there were four Common Sandpipers present.

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