Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hoddesdon and Broxbourne

Had the day off and took Mum down to see Sarah and Ed on Friday. Mum and Ed not feeling all that good so went out with Sarah a couple of times.
In the morning we went over to the old landfill/meadow where they walk Molly. In recent weeks they have occasionally seen a small 'fritillary' type butterfly but have not been able to identify with certainty. The weather was not all that good-thin cloud and a breeze but very humid.
We explored the landfill and also went south along the A10. Lots of Browns and whites, and also a couple of Small Coppers. Brown hawkers abundant, and we also saw a few Southern Hawkers and a female Ruddy Darter.

The afternoon was a bit more sunny and a lot warmer. We went over to Danemead in the hope of finding Broad Leaved Helleborine-there were none, not even a leaf on show. The main meadow was excellent-lots of Meadow brown and Ringlets, some Large Skippers, a single Small Heath and four superb Silver Washed Fritillaries. Sarah concluded that her mystery butterfly was rather smaller.
Along the brook we found two White Admirals on the brambles.
Lots of Brown hawkers again, and single Emperor and Southern Hawker.

 We had little time to do Broxbourne Wood but did a quick circuit. Apart from a singing Chiffchaff, birds were non existent. We had a large butterfly go over the tall sallows but it was only seen briefly-Admiral or Emperor perhaps. One rather dark Silver Washed did pose by the path.

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