Saturday, 23 June 2012


Just a quick update so far- pics to follow when I get home Drove up thursday night through heavy rain and got to Perthshire not long after dawn. Pretty poor start-Black Grouse lek was very wet and did not see any birds apart from a juvenile Goshawk. Bills Coral root orchid site was not successful either, just got very wet. Better luck at Keltney Burn, found lots of orchids and other plants. Loch Garten Ospreys showed well and we got Northern Damsel and White Faced Darter. Several Crosbill species heard and one Crested Tit Today saw a few distant dolphins at Channory Point, then went to Bienne Eigh. Weather poor for insects, but no one I have met has seen much here anyway. Up to Gairloch and picked up Red and Black Throated Divers, various auks but no Eagles. Scenery nice in the rain though.

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