Sunday, 27 May 2012

Weekend Off

I was expecting to have a good weekend, but I've been a bit under the weather, and the hot spell has not helped much.
I was able to get out for an hour this morning before it got too hot, and went down to Chiswell Green south of St Albans where a Wood Warbler or two had set up territory. They used to breed in Hertfordshire many years ago, but by the time I got into birding the small population had gone (ditto Redstart). Still get the odd bird from time to time, they are not all that frequent.
Arrived around 0930, and crossed the small river, seeing my first Banded demoiselles of the year. Not far along the track I heard the Wood Warbler singing and made my way round to the birch hollow where to put it mildly it performed extremely well. Spent about 45 minutes with the bird and it's attendant admirers before leaving. Unfortunately did not feel up to taking the heavy camera gear out today so no pictures.

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