Sunday, 1 April 2012

Cool and Sunny

Went for a walk around Aston End and the Beane this morning. Nice and sunny, but with a bit of a nip in the air.
Lots of Chiffchaff singing now, in most of the woods, and I also heard my first local Blackcap and Bullfinch
First interesting sighting was while scanning High Wood across the valley. Several Buzzards of course, then i noticed a small falcon flying fairly high with a rapid wing beat. Did not look right for a Sparrowhawk (definitely falco sp) I assumed it was a Kestrel based on size at first, but the tail seemed to short then it banked showing the greyish upper-parts-only possibility would be a  Merlin.
Further on I got some images of the Buzzards and Kestrel.

The Little Owls in the horse paddocks were very active for a change, and I was able to get a bit closer than usual. Still using the light and crappy 70-300 lens though.

 Saw a few Small Tortoiseshells and a Comma. The Blackthorn is now blossoming nicely though a few bushes are still in bud, and the willows look fine. Also saw the first of the Bluebells.

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