Saturday, 21 April 2012

Amwell Firecrest

I was expecting today to be pretty much the same as the last week-wet and cool, but it turned out pretty nice. Not all that warm, but largely dry.
Arrived at Amwell the same time as Simon, and saw my first Speckled Woods as we crossed the railway line. We were surprised at the lack of faces at the viewpoint, but Tony mentioned two good birds-a Lesser Spotted had been seen by Graham, and Barry and Bill were watching a Firecrest at Hollycross.
Made our way rather swiftly to Hollycross meeting Phil and his two dogs. We found Bill and Barry and they pointed out the rather elusive but very vocal Firecrest. We watched it for around twenty minutes and I managed to get a couple of record shots.

 Eventually I returned to the watchpoint with Simon and Phil. Several Common Terns were present and I picked up a Cuckoo sitting in a bush across the lake.
The pair of Little Ring Plovers put in an appearance, with the male bird continually in flight.

The other waders were still present-four mobile Redshank and the Oystercatchers. No sign of any Lapwing chicks yet. One pair of Teal remaining.
Heard my first Reed Warbler, and saw several Sedge. Lots of Chiffs, Blackcap and cetti's but the Willows seem to have gone quiet.
Usual assortment of hirundines-Bill and Phil had a Yellow Wagtail among them, but though I heard it go over could not see the thing.
Raptors in abundance once the sun came out-seven buzzards and a kite in one group with a number of buzzards in view elsewhere. Also Kestrel and Sparrohawk. Expecting Hobby any day now.

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