Saturday, 10 March 2012


 Went for a walk today around Aston End and the river Beane. With the warm sun I had hoped to get a Chiffchaff singing and maybe a butterfly.
 Not long after leaving, the cloud came over and it cooled down, and I had thought that lugging the camera gear around would be a complete waste. In fact for much of the walk, I saw very little of note apart from a small flock of Linnets in the village.
 Things picked up when I hit the Walkern road and the two soaring Buzzards over high Wood drifted closer. By the time I got to the ex river (one puddle after the recent rain) they were overhead. Unfortunately as I was travelling light, the only long lens I had was my old 70-300 but the results were adequate.

 In the horse paddocks i came across the Little Owl. A big owl/Kestrel box had gone up on their favourite tree and I was concerned that it may have disturbed them as I had not seen any sign for some months. The 70-300 again with lots of lovely purple fringing.

 Finally up near the phone mast I encountered a lot of Skylark, and one came reasonably close as it sang.

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