Monday, 2 January 2012

Therfield Again

Nice sunny and cool day today. I had planned to go to Therfield this afternoon, but with the wind building up, decided to go earlier.
Parked in the village and walked down Icknield Way, encountering the usual partridges and thrushes before stopping at the open area. Scanned for some time without seeing a great deal. Chatted to one of the local birders for a bit and watched a couple of guys walk part way along the 'shrike' hedge, but nothing popped up. There were another couple of birders on the far northern hillside-turned out they were watching a Peregrine. The wind was getting stronger so I decided to walk down to the trees, and saw a Hen Harrier fly in low from the east.
More birders were in the trees-apparently the hen harrier had dropped into the field. However of more importance the Shrike was showing in the hedge out of the wind. Unfortunately it remained a long way off-it was busy hunting, dropping to the ground frequently but we never saw what it was feeding on.

 We also saw several Kites, Buzzards, Kestrels and a Sparrowhawk. A few flocks of Linnets were in the area, along with lots of Skylarks. Did not see any Golden Plover this time though.
 On the way back one of the many Hares put on a good show.

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