Monday, 16 January 2012

Local Great Grey Shrike at Last

Did not do anything over the weekend. I had hoped to visit the new Forest for the Junco, plus a nice supporting  cast, and the discovery of a Spanish Sparrow during the week made it a dead cert, but unfortunately I finished work last week with a bad throat and did not feel up to the journey.
 Was rather annoyed to hear late yesterday of a Brent Goose in Fairlands valley-would have made a nice local tick. It was too dark to call in on the way to work but I thought it worth trying on the way home.
 However, before that I drove round to Norton Green where I got superb views of the Great Grey Shrike illuminated by the setting Sun. After the disturbance of the shooting and the travellers the other weekend I had assumed it had gone, but it was reported again today. Seemed to be settled in it's favoured bushes so I assume it is likely to stay for a while.
 Called in at the lakes, but I could only see the  Canada Geese and the usual assortment of feral wildfowl. Most of the smaller lakes were iced up but the larger lake was clear.

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