Monday, 27 June 2011


Have not done much over the last week or so for various reasons.
Went out yesterday afternoon up to Sandon and Kelshall, to search for Quail-none have been reported in the area yet. There have also been a few raptor reports to follow up on as well.
Turned out to be very hot, but with a bit of a breeze. No sign (sound) of any Quail in any of the usual areas. Around four Buzzards in the Deadmans Hill area, as well as a couple of Kestrel.  A family party of two Kestrels with two young along Coombe Road. Lots of Yellowhammer, Skylark and Swallows, but no Corn Buntings which is a bit unusual. Also encountered a Yellow Wagtail, and one or more Lapwing in a ploughed field.
Lots of Meadow Browns, and Whites flying. A few Skippers and while driving, I encountered a few Marbled Whites.
Nice sight of several fields full of poppies. Conditions not ideal, with the high sun but I got a few images.

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