Monday, 2 May 2011

Quiet Long Weekend 2

Went to Amwell today.
Simon was leaving and mentioned that the Bar Tail Godwit was still present, and William had his scope ready for me. This is quite a rare species for Amwell, and this one was part of a very large inland passage.  Not long after, I found the Common Sandpiper, which along with Redshank, Oystercatcher, Lapwing, Little Ring Plover and the Snipe I did not see made it something of a wader day.
The easterly wind was rather unpleasant, and I started to get rather cold despite the sunshine. Lots of Swifts started to appear around 0930, along with parties of House Martin, but surprisingly no other hirundines. Raptors were elusive and only a coup,e of Buzzards managed to get up.
 There were a large number of common Terns, mainly fishing  down in the southern end. There were a few Lesser Black Backs and Herring Gulls as well as the Black Headed Gulls on the raft. Just before 1100, some of us glanced at a Black Headed flying north, did not pay any attention of course until it was almost out of sight. William then spotted the black underwing and realised it was a Little gull. A few of us got to the bridge and picked it up before it was lost to view.
Had to leave then as the cold wind was getting to me and I was starting to feel a bit unwell.

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