Sunday, 22 May 2011


Went down to Amwell for the usual Sunday get together. Arrived at the same time as Barry and he pointed out the Spotted Flycatcher which seems to be spending its time in the woods opposite the access track.
 A bit windy at times, often cloudy and with a spell or two of light drizzle made it a bit frustrating. The usual birds present, with hoards of Swifts and Hirundines feeding low over the water. One Little Egret was feeding with a group of Grey Herons, including some young ones. Bonus bird was a male Yellow Wagtail that flew in briefly and landed on the main shingle island.
Went for a walk in the hope of picking up a few dragonflies. Not much on the lily pads so I waited on the bridge. Found a few Banded Demoiselles and Azures which was a good start. Heard a couple of Marsh Tits, and as the other Sunday regulars arrived, five young Marsh Tits flew out from the surrounding bushes and some landed on the old road bridge putting on a good show for us.
 TheHollycross trail was very difficult due to the wind. I found some Blue Tails and Azures, but not much else. The Southern Marsh and Early Marsh hybrids looked pretty good.
Back at the bridge, a longer wait in the sunshine produced more damsels and eventually two Hairy Dragonflies appeared.
At the watchpoint Simon and the other Colin were present, and they noticed two large corvids fly over-the Ravens are still around.

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