Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter part 2

Went to Amwell yesterday, in the hope of picking up some migrants. Weather looked promising-with some mist early on, but by the time I got there it was starting to heat up, though it took a long time for the sun to break through the clouds. Everyone seems to have gone on holiday, and hardly any regulars were present.
 The two Oystercatchers seemed settled and three or four Redshank were present, along with the pair of Little Ring Plovers. There were around a dozen Common Terns in, though our hopes for a Black Tern among them never materialised.
 There are at least two Grasshopper Warblers present-the one from the watchpoint is rather quiet, but another down near the James Hide is a lot louder, though John who was with me could not hear any of them. We wandered down to the bridge in the hope of picking up some damselflies, but none were seen, so we decided to have a look at the meadow where I managed to locate a single Large Red Damselfly. The orchids seem to be coming on quite well, with the hybrid Southern Marsh in bud and one with a few flowers.
 Back at the watchpoint, the only bird of interest was a distant large corvid which  appeared to be a Raven.
I left around noon, as my hay fever was starting to get quite bad.

Today, I first went down to Waterford Heath. Although it was sunny and fairly warm, there was a cool northerly breeze. As a result it took a while before I was able to locate a Grizzled Skipper, and it eluded my camera. I eventually managed to find another, and got a few images. Apart from that, one Peacock and a few Orange Tips were all I saw.
I eventually left and decided to head off to Graffridge Wood as it would probably be my last chance of getting some Bluebell images this year. Some bits looked quite good but the harsh noon sun made things difficult and results were a bit disappointing.

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