Sunday, 27 March 2011

Summer Time

Just got past the 'first day of Spring' courtesy of the equinox and we changed the clocks to British Summer Time today. Not acclimatised-the body clock is a bit screwed.
Most of March has been pretty dry, and the pond level had dropped considerably. Ever since I re-profiled it about six years back, and extended the liner slightly I have suspected a leak, as the level has always seemed rather lower than intended. Decided to do something about it and a few evenings back removed the large iris clump, Purple Loosestrife and the Marsh marigolds, along with most of the pebbles. Bailed more of the water out and stored it in the wheely bin and surveyed the liner. Seems as if some of the plant roots have got under the extension, so used butyl tape to repair it.
Also used the tape to stick some of the larger pebbles back-no more sliding into the water hopefully. Replanted Friday, and finally finished things off this morning by topping up the water. Noticed that some of the tadpoles have hatched within the last week and that the Pond Skaters are back.

Working in the garden has produced a few surprises. We definitely have a Robin's nest in the ivy-until recently my garden was between two territories so this is new. Also there is a good chance the ivy has a Wren nesting as one or two birds are almost permanently in the garden. A pair of Great Tits visit frequently-I suspect they have a nest in the Oak in the front. Not sure where the Blackbird pair have their nest, but the Bay is a possibility.

After last weeks warm weather, the weekend has been quite a bit cooler. Yesterday was a bit of a shock to the system when I went to Amwell-cold ad misty first thing and it never really warmed up as it remained cloudy.
Singing Chiffchaffs everywhere but nothing else in the way of spring birds-unless you count the pair of Oystercatchers back again for the summer. Most of the winter ducks have gone-only a few Teal left now. Hardly any gulls either, though it looks like a few Black heads are taking an interest in the tern rafts. Had hoped to pick up the Kingfisher now that they have returned, and had a stroll with Colin round to Hollycross but were were not successful, but we did come across the Marsh Tit and a few Cetti's Warblers.
The low misty cloud also meant that there was little chance of seeing any Sand Martins, or even an early Swallow, and to some extent it was a bit of a disappointing visit.

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