Sunday, 27 February 2011

Ravens and Kites

Took advantage of the sunny morning to drive out to the villages west of Stevenage in search of raptors.
Only just got out of the north west part of town when I encountered the first Buzzards-three in thermals and two apparently displaying.
Small birds were relatively hard to find while driving, apart from the ubiquitous Chaffinch and Blackbird, plus a variety of duck and geese on the small ponds, though things like Skylark and Yellowhammer were also seen. Much more apparent were the larger birds-pigeons and corvids in particular.
Driving down the Lilley Bottom road, I encountered six Red Kites as well as several more Buzzards, with a few Rooks mobbing the birds. A bit further down, and up a very muddy lane, several more corvids flew over the car including two of the local Ravens, but I was not in a position to stop and get images.
I drove around Bendish and Whitwell for a bit-one Little Egret on the cress beds, before returning to the Kites which were near St Pauls Walden where I got a number of rather poor images-for some reason the auto focus seemed a bit sluggish despite the bright sunshine.
Also here is a few of the frogs doing their thing in the pond.

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