Friday, 11 February 2011


There has been a small flock of Hawfinches at Bramfield over the last few days, in and around the churchyard. I finished work as usual this morning and popped down for an hour or so.
I arrived a few minutes late-just after 2pm as one had been perched high up in the limes but had just flown off. William was present so we had  a chat while waiting. Saw my first Red Kite of the year along with a couple of Buzzards, as well as three Bullfinch. A flock of Fieldfare were around, but apart from a few Greenfinches and tits there seemed to be little activity in the church.
After around 40 minutes, I noticed a large dumpy short tailed finch fly from behind the church and on to the south west. Seen enough over the years to know it was a Hawfinch, but despite waiting another forty minutes in deteriorating light, we never saw one return. The only bird of note was a calling Little Owl from across the playing field.
No sign of any Firecrest, and although a Chiffchaff was heard I  missed that too.

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