Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow is Back

The Northern Harrier has been seen again in the Titchwell/Thornham area. Had hoped to get up there this weekend but the sub zero weather has returned.
Took Mum shopping on Friday as the ground was very icy, and while we were out there were a few snow flurries. Yesterday all I managed to get was get a paper and pick up a prescription. The overnight temperatures had dropped considerably and there was a lot of thick ice everywhere. Difficult to get the ice out of the birds drinking trays and I watched a few hardy souls try to extract their cars from a thick crust. Mid morning, the first snow flakes started to fall, but most arrived early afternoon. With the strong winds it looked to be very unpleasant outside and this has led to some drifting.
Woke up this morning to find the garden covered in several inches of the white stuff. Its grey and overcast so I don't feel like it's worth trying to get pretty landscape images-if it was sunny that would be different. Stayed in to see what the garden would produce. So far it's as follows-
3 Collared Doves
2 Wood Pigeons
2-3 Blackbirds fighting over three Pyracantha berries.
1 Robin
1 Dunnock
6 House Sparrow
2 Blue Tit.
1 Starling.
Outside there are a lot of gulls again-Black Headed, Common and Lesser Black Backs. Big flock of Starlings at one point, but no Waxwings among them. In view of the large number of thrushes in the area had hoped to see some fly over, and also expected to see a few more tits.

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