Friday, 31 December 2010

End of the Year

Due to the recent ice and snow I have not been birding, since the priority has been ensuring Mum can get out shopping, and with the state of the untreated minor roads it has been pretty difficult. Any trip to a birding hot spot was pretty much a non starter.
The last few days at work were interesting in that the large corvid flocks were still being seen going to roost, and on several days Meadow Pipits were heard flying west.
The thaw started just after Christmas, and as I managed to get my usual collection of illnesses I have been largely immobile. Got my bins stashed by the window waiting for something special to come down to the feeders or flying over. Has not happened yet.
Apart from the usual stuff mentioned recently, the only garden visitor has been a Wren in the ivy covered fence. The three Blackbirds have finally started on the Cotoneaster berries-not that there are many.
Managed to get out this morning to clean the feeders, and while I was doing that, a couple of Skylarks were heading north-presumably they were displaced by the cold weather.

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