Sunday, 5 December 2010


Strange morning at Amwell today.
Arrived to find the usual crowd, and an Egyptian Goose which flew off soon after. Spent a while failing to see the red head Smew in one of the bays and got distracted when Tony saw a wing bar wader fly down behind the reeds. Turned out to be a Dunlin-only the third for the site this year, and as I don't live there, my first for many years. It was joined by a Snipe, Grey Wagtail and one of two female Pintail. We assumed that that was the days highlight.
A while later I saw a 'buzzard' fly down to the trees by the main hide and disappeared from view. It had a small white rump patch. As one had been seen recently Jan realised it was a Harris Hawk, and it entertained us for some time as it was being continually mobbed by Magpies and crows. A sudden commotion nearby saw everyone scoping an odd mammal in the water. As a Stoat was known to be hunting in the area hunting it was assumed to be that, but it looked wrong (and pale). Mink was dismissed as was Otter and then someone worked out that it was a Rabbit. It made it back to the shore, where the Stoat was waiting (as was the Harris Hawk). Nobody fancied it's chances but it's fate remained unclear.
Came home just after noon to hear that a Mealy Redpoll had been seen by Jan just after I left.

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