Friday, 15 October 2010


After a couple of damp days, decided it would be good to try and get images of fungi. Don't know many suitable woods in the area, but though that Broxbourn would be a safe bet.
Only in the woods a few minutes when I came across several fine bodies of Fly Agaric-one toadstool I can identify.

 Under the birches were many other kinds, but some were well past their best. I had hoped the bracken would be colouring up, but much of it has been cleared. The trees are still largely green, and though the birches and hornbeams were raining leaves they were not outstanding.
Called in at Danemead and got some of what appeared to be Field Mushrooms. Tried to get images of some of the tree stumps but none came out as well as I would like-still learning to get the best out of the flash.

On the way back, took a few images of Ermine Street which seems to be colourful enough.

Called in at Rye Meads for a few hours. Scanned the Draper scrape for one of the Garganeys that had been around, but no sign, so headed off to the north lagoon. Its been drained since my last visit and looks quite good.There were at least four Green Sandpipers and four plus Snipe. A pale distant sleeping duck caught my eye and once it woke up I could see it was a male Garganey yet to attain breeding plumage. Well known photographer Paul Hacket was around and had a chat and showed him the bird which was now swimming around.

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