Thursday, 7 October 2010

Autunm Walk

Another fine sunny day, following a cool night and days of rain. Hoped the conditions might be good for autumnal colour and or fungi, so decided to go down to Aston End and the river Beane.
Only thong that seemed to be happening as I set off was a westward movement of Skylarks. Hit the conifer plantation and found a few tit/crest flocks, a singing Nuthatch and at the southern end a couple of heads of what I presume to be shaggy ink cap.

Should have moved the obscuring leaf.
Out in the lanes and fields it was pretty boring at first, but things picked up as I went down to the ford. A distant ploughed field had a fair number of Black head and Lesser Black Back Gulls. A loud hoeet at the river sounded Redstart like at first, but turned into another Chiffchaff.
Not much sign of colour-a few of the Field Maples and Dogwoods are starting to turn, but it looks like a lot of the hedges have been cut recently, so berries and Spindle look to be in short supply.
Crossing the fields down to the footpath bridge I encountered a large flock of Meadow Pipits along with more Skylark. A bit of a surprise, since it was late morning was a calling Tawny Owl, and this was followed by another singing Nuthatch. Two or three Bullfinch in the area as well. No sign of the local Little Owl though.
In the longer grass of the set aside and field edges Roesel's Bush Crickets seemed to be abundant, and very visible for a change. Too far away for the macro lens and I never managed to net one either.

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