Sunday, 26 September 2010

Blakeney Point

Horrible day today, doing the three mile each way trudge up Blakeney point. Was not bad at first, just a bit windy, but not long after I got to the plantation, right at the end, drizzle turned to horizontal rain, the wind picked up and eventually spray and sand added to the mix.
All for something we cannot identify.
Yesterday, and Empidonax Flycatcher was found. Initially Alder/Willow/Least, then the latter was dropped and Acadian added to the mix before it was decided that it looked yellowish, so it was definitely Yellow Bellied. American comments on the photos suggested otherwise and by this morning we were back to the Trail's pair Alder and Willow. Having seen the Cornish bird two years ago which was almost certainly Alder (but the record is now being assessed) there was a bit less urgency but we had to go just in case.
Did not see many birds on the way up-various large gulls and Kittiwakes, Reed Buntings and a few flyby waders. Got to the plantation not long after 1130, and got a few glimpses of the bird moving around the sallows and sycamores. Set the camera up and waited. A Little Bunting dropped in, sat on top of a tall bush and then vanished. Did not see it myself. Did see a warbler, which may have been Yellow Browed, but only for a moment.
The Flycatcher proved elusive as the conditions deteriorated, but I did get a very good view before the rain got too heavy.No sign of any yellow to me, and it did look very much like the Cornish bird.
One or two Blackbirds and thrushes were seen on the way back, but conditions were so bad I could hardly see a thing.
Everything is wet-shoes clothes, camera you name it. Not a fun day.
Could not face going to Wells Woods for a Bonnelli's Warbler-supposed to be Western which I've seen anyway.

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