Friday, 23 July 2010

Wood Sandpiper

A few days after my visit to Rye Meads, a Wood Sandpiper was reported. They are more or less annual in the Lea Valley, but except for those birders who virtually live there, it can be a tricky bird to see, and in 24 years I must be one of the few regulars not to have seen one. Solitary Sandpiper yes...Wood Sand no.
Even on autumn trips to Norfolk, I have a habit of not finding any, despite their frequency-last week ends trip being typical as several have been seen at Titchwell with the Buff Breast. In fact I have only managed to get one or two decent images over the years.
The Rye bird lingered through the working week, and as FRiday is a half day I kept hoping, and luckily it was reported again in the morning.
I got down at 1330 and discovered that it was a little way off in one of the small bays from Draper hide. Someone kindly pointed out that a few days previously it was seen very close...
The light was not all that great and I had to use the 2x converter to get decent sized images with the 500mm-later on the light did get better and I even stuck the 1.4x converter on too.

 There were several Green Sandpipers moving around-would have been nice to get both together but they did not oblige.
The juvenile Garganey is still present, but was a long way off.

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