Saturday, 10 April 2010

Saturday Birds and Butterflies

I called in at Tyttenhanger this morning and walked down from Willows Farm to the fishing lake.
The Black Necked Grebe was showing very well feeding along the waters edge. At times it was getting too close for my lens. Despite it's broken wing, it appeared to be feeding very well. The Oystercatchers were back on the puddle, along with a Redshank and a few Lapwing.

I made my way to Amwell, and arrived just before 11 am. It was very much a Leica convention as Jan had come back from the Netherlands with a new 65mm, and Colin was present with his new 82mm.
Not much happening from a birding point of view. The north easterly breeze and the fine sunny conditions not good for migrants. Apparently there is a Grasshopper Warbler here, though no-one seemed to know much about it.
There were a few butterflies about in the sun, a Green Veined White, several Peacocks and a Red Admiral. I had my new Zeiss 100mm macro with me, but none were gettable. I settled for a few images of the heronry with it's Little Egret and Cormorants. The resolution and image quality of the lens is absolutely fantastic.

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