Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ring Ouzel

Late yesterday I got news of a Ring Ouzel at Norton Green.
I called in before work this morning and had a quick search. An interesting 'Blackbird' in a distant hawthorn looked good but had gone by the time I got closer. There are now at least 30 Fieldfare though.
The Ouzel was reported at 1115, so I popped over at lunch time and met up with a local birder. He had seen it in the bushes along the eastern edge, and occasionally coming out to feed. Five minutes after I arrived, it flew out of a dense area of scrub and into a willow. We saw it move through the willow but then lost it, the reason being that it had dropped down to the ground where I located it shortly after. The views were excellent, much better than I have ever had here. Its a first summer male. The wings have a prominent silvery panel, the back is fairly well marked with pale scallops and the bill is a dull yellow.

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