Monday, 26 April 2010

Amwell Saturday

Nice and warm on Saturday at Amwell. At last migrants are arriving.
A singing Whitethroat by the bridge kicked things off nicely. I was told that three Common Sandpipers were around, and over the course of the morning, I saw them frequently, though only once did I see two at the same time. Also, the first Common Terns seem to have started to settle down-up to six were present.
Sedge Warblers singing in force now, but the Reeds are quiet, apparently there are some on site. One or two Swallows are still heading north, as did my first two Swifts.
I had intended to arrive early and get one of the Grasshopper Warblers. As it is I didn't but it would not have mattered anyway as the one in front of the watch point decided to start reeling at Noon. Despite all our efforts we could not see it, though others had seen it on previous days.

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