Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Santon Downham

Got a report on the pager today about the Brambling. It also mentioned Willow Tit being present.
Dont know how regular they are in Thetford Forest these days-there was a discussion a while back suggesting most if not all reports were mis identified Marsh Tit.
Got me thinking though, because there was a 'Marsh Tit' around the feeders in the car park which had a rather buzzy chay chay call and a song which was a bit different to what I remember from my local Marsh Tits (and I have not heard them singing for a few years now). Twenty five years ago, Willows were regular in Stevenage but rapidly declined and I have not heard a singing one for maybe twenty years so am a bit rusty.
I've checked a few sources and compared songs and the bottom line is I should have been paying more attention.
So I've ticked Willow Tit for the year.

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Stuart's Poor Birding World said...

Really difficult one for South-east Scotland. Willow is extremely rare as is Marsh.
Only really hear them on holiday in Austria where they are much easier to separate on plumage/habitat.
In short, both are grippers here!