Saturday, 9 January 2010

More Garden Birds

More freezing weather and more snow. Apart from doing a bit of essential shopping, have not been out at all.
Still no unusual garden visitors, though the pair of Chaffinch and several Great Tits are not often seen in the garden itself. Up to three Blue Tits, three Blackbirds and nine Sparrows every day, but we seem to be down to one each of Dunnock and Robin.
Yesterday a flock of about thirty Fieldfare flew west, and there are also large movements of Wood and Feral Pigeons. The Black Headed, Common and Lesser Black Back gulls seem to be coping well, though I suspect the small roost on Fairlands Lake is completely frozen.
On a slightly different note, we had our first ever Grey Squirrel on the feeders about a month ago, and now it turns up every day. Despite breeding in the oak the other side of the house, they have only been seen in the gardens on a few occasions (maybe the large number of cats infesting the area put them off).

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