Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Brown Shrike

While we were returning from Norfolk, news came on that the Red Backed Shrike at Staines Moor had been re-identified as Brown Shrike. Too late for Monday though.
Colin was having a boiler serviced so I went down on my own. Luckily, even with the A1 and M25 roadworks it only took an hour-I held back until the rush hour had died down. Running into William Bishop, and several guys from the fields of West Runton, I learnt that it had been very misty earlier and it had only really cleared by the time I arrived at 1000. The Shrike posed very well for quite a while but gradually became more elusive through the morning. Occasionally it would sit for a while attracting the attention of Reed Buntings and Stonechats. Phil Ball arrived (despite his broken ankle) with Bill Last, and later on most of the Hertfordshire luminaries could be spotted while scanning the crowd.
After a while, I went for a wander hoping to pick up a Great Grey Shrike that had been found, but it had flown over the M25 to Wraysbury. While looking, I also heard rumours of a Red Backed Shrike, but only a few had apparently seen it.
I finally left at 1230 having had a very enjoyable twitch, and without the usual stress of a long drive.

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