Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Leica Televid Update

Was going over a few blogs last night, in particular one devoted to digiscoping with Leicas. My old Eagle Eye adaptor (which I never really got on with) was lying around and I couldn't help noticing that it was not too dissimilar in size to the 25-50x zoom. I removed all the internal sleeving and discovered that it was a snug fit.
This prompted me to charge up the battery of my old Coolpix 995 and see what would happen. As the only subject matter to hand this evening was a fence post at the bottom of the garden, I trained the assembly on it and rattled off a few shots. I found that I had to zoom the camera in quite a way to eliminate vignetting, but the results were pretty good considering the slow aperture of the lens (about F4.5) and the iso needing to be set to 400, which because of the age of the sensor results in some noise.
With modern cameras, ie better noise characteristics and image stabilisation, this could be a nice set up for casual long range photography. Shame that few if any seem to have a lens thread these days so the old adaptor cannot be used.

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