Saturday, 30 May 2009

Various bits of Hertfordshire

I spent a few hours this morning at Amwell. Not a lot happening bird-wise, though two Common Sandpipers were present. There were plenty of Damseflies around-Common Blue, Azure and Red-eyed, along with good numbers of Banded Demoiselles. Several Broad Bodied and Four Spotted Chasers were present. Last weekend's invasion of Painted Ladies is still continuing, though rates seem to have dropped.
This afternoon I visited Telegraph Hill high up on the Chilterns. On the way I was distracted for a while by one of the local Red Kites hunting.  The long hot slog up the hills proved worthwhile. As expected for the chalk downland, Common Blue butterflies were abundant, as well as a few Small Coppers. The small Orchid reserve held large numbers of Common Spotted Orchids, and eventually I managed to locate the diminutive Fy Orchids.  

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