Saturday, 25 April 2009

Waterford Heath

I have just returned from a pleasant couple of hours at Waterford Heath, a community park converted from an old gravel pit a few miles south of Stevenage.
While it attracts a range of common birds it has become popular for a variety of butterflies and is on of the best places in Hertfordshire to connect with Grizzled Skipper.
Although it was sunny at times, I was a bit concerned at the wind which at times seemed to be too strong for even the larger butterflies. One Peacock struggling to stay perched seemed to verify that. However, a path on top of one of he banks seemed to offer shelter, and having found a large patch of Wild Strawberry it was simply a case of waiting. Over a period of forty minutes, up to three were found and occasionally settled long enough to get a few images off.
There were also several Orange Tips, none of which cooperated, my first Speckled Wood of the year and a couple of Brimstones.

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