Monday, 13 April 2009

Sunshine at Last

A couple of days ago, news broke of a White Throated Sparrow at an Iron Age Fort at Old Winchester Hill. Apparently it had been present since early November. With not much else happening bird wise it seemed like a good opportunity to see it, and hope to pick up a few migrants on the south coast.
We left a dull and gloomy Stevenage,and started to see indications of sunshine as we got to Hampshire.
The Sparrow has been frequenting the car park to the hill fort, and was getting rather busy as we arrived. Luckily the Sparrow showed quite well in some honeysuckle quite quickly. Getting photos were rather more difficult though, as there was limited viewing in the scrubby woodland, and the bird did not stay still. I managed a few decent images with the 500mm lens.
Pagham Harbour is a place I have not visited for some years now, and I had hoped to find a few migrants, such as Yellow Wagtail, or perhaps a few waders. Turned out to be very quiet, with little wind to bring things in.
We ended up on the Surrey Heaths at Frensham Little Pond, though with it being a holiday, it was very busy. One Dartford Warbler was seen a long way off, and there were a few snatches of Woodlark song, but we got very good views of a very active male Redstart singing in some trees. 

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