Friday, 19 December 2008


After a blank winter or so, Waxwings have been seen again in Stevenage. Luckily I heard about them very quickly, and being only a mile away was soon on site, with Lee Evans, Dave booth and Darin Stanley already present.
They remained at the top of a tall tree most of the time, but ventured onto a pink berried Rowan on two brief occasions where I was able to get several good images. Around 2.30, a Magpie arrived in the tree, and the Waxwings got a bit nervous and flew off but soon returned, but just after 3pm they flew off again, circled the area twice and headed off west. I spent fifteen minutes driving round the area but could not locate them again.
Unfoetunately, there seem to be very few berries in the area this year, so it's doubtful if they will stay.

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Nick S said...

Very nice Phil. Lucky you. I used to live in Stevenage. My mum still lives on York Rd, and saw some birders looking at these beauties :-)