Monday, 29 December 2008


Paid a visit to Amwell this morning for the last time this year. Started off nicely with a Kingfisher flying over my head as I arrived. The water levels very high, and some shallow areas of the marsh frozen, so few Snipe were seen, and Lapwing numbers low.
A redhead Smew at the southern end was my first for this winter. I joined some of the regulars and headed north to Hollycross, then Jim noticed the Bittern out in one of the bays at the Water vole pit-of course I did not have my camera today. We spent some time by the cottage watching a pair of Nuthatch exploring the telegraph poles, found the hybrid aytha duck that looks suspiciously like a Lesser Scaup and finally I got to see the female Red Crested Pochard that has been present for several weeks.
Not a bad end to the year as far as local birding goes-hope to do a final day trip tomorrow.

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