Sunday, 23 November 2008

Spent yesterday morning at reed, near Royston in Herts hoping to get images of the Rough Legged Buzzard that has been in the area for the last week.
It was a freezing morning, with the icy blast coming straight down off the fens which made things very uncomfortable for everyone present, and toppled several scopes.
The Ring Tail Harrier was seen quite a lot west of the A10, and we picked up several Buzzards riding slope to the west, and once or twice the rough Legged appeared behind the trees. Eventually it drifted over the road and flew quite rapidly towards us, ending up over woods to the north east.
Unfortunately,, because of the wind and the speed of the bird my manual focus 500mm Nikkor with a 2x converter could not keep up with it and most of the images were not all that good, but two were ok.

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